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To be held on 27 Sept 2014

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We hold several specialist tool auctions every year. Twenty years of specialist auctioneering has provided us with an in-depth knowledge of the tools and related items which we sell. This enables us to offer advice to both buyer and seller on all aspects of tools and tool collecting. 

Since 1980 we have sold more over 250,000 lots of tools by auction, way ahead of any other tool auction house in the world. We are purely auctioneers, not dealers, avoiding the danger of a conflict of interest. 

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Below are just a few samples of the items we have in our 64th International Auction. To view the full selection please visit the-saletoom.com




142 A fine quality 18 /19c fruitwood parquetry saw probably French with nicely decorated frame and pistol grip handle with turned bone tensioner and 8" blade G++ £200‑300299 A very rare four iron Gothic sash moulding plane by WILSON Glasgow G++ £250‑4001 A STANLEY No 1 smoother with orig SW iron in orig box G+ £500‑1000



102.  A fine and unique set of 24 unused carving tools with ebony, boxwood and rosewood handles by SAMUEL JOSEPH ADDIS all signed and inscribed with his "Masonic" device trade mark and displayed in their original 26" x 30" glazed case with baize lining. The case was displayed in the North Gallery at the Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations in London in 1851. Subsequent to the death of S.J.Addis his brother J.B.Addis took over the firm and later moved to Sheffield c1868 where the case was hung in the boardroom. When the business eventually ceased trading the tools were acquired by Mr Edmund Cufflin trading as Ingrams ironmongers and displayed in the shop at Humberstone Road, Leicester, subsequently the firm was taken over by Thomas E Cufflin and the tools sold at auction in 1991 after his death aged 80 (detailed history and illustration in Codes ref. 614) some minor rust spots otherwise F £1500‑2500185 A very realistic French automaton signed Jean-Paul Farbre of a carpenter planing timber at the 13" bench driven by a small electric motor in the drawer G++ £400‑800

344 A rare dated early 18c glaziers hammer 4 3/4" o/a the head with heart shaped cheeks and reeded turning to neck and pane, the decorative tapered socket engraved WILL KING 1709 (Russell collection) museum quality G+ £1500‑2500 338 A rare 18c French bell makers hammer stamped A LA CLOCHE with scalloped edges, the rosewood handle with ring turned decoration G+ £50‑80 218 A fine 18c French double headed strapped axe with attractive pierced heart and other stylish scroll designs with orig ash handle 7" head (illustrated Codes ref. 625) museum quality G++ £1000‑1500

267 A very rare and early organ pipe makers combination voicing plane, a steel soled brass mitre plane with rosewood infill and wedge 10" x 2 1/4" used for thinning the surface of the tin or lead alloy sheets used for the metal organ pipes, the iron can be changed to the vertical position and becomes the thicknessing plane (see SAL p287) when vertical the iron is held firm by the front infill being tightened with a brass screw, chip to wedge, most unusual G £500‑1000278 A 1 1/2" steel soled brass shoulder plane by H SLATER London with ebony infill and orig elongated wedge G+ £200‑300 279 A pretty skew mouth steel soled brass shoulder plane 8" x 1 1/4" with shapely ebony infill and wedge G+ £150‑250295 A very little used almost half set of 14 H & R's by VARVILL pairs of 14 and 18 not present! F £80‑120

366 A very rare 19c lacquered brass D I C K I N S O N ' S Anemometer by CASARTELLI Manchester No 147 c/w orig brass balance weight (one of these sold in 1996 for £3800 without the balance weight) G+ £1000‑1500375 A rare Dent's dipleidoscope c1845 for setting a travellers watch by the sun, marked E.J.DENT Patentee No 293 t/w a photocopy of an engraving from his explanatory pamphlet of 1844 showing how to check a watch (info from The Museum of History and Science) G+ £200‑376 A very rare wheelwrights brass t r o c h e a m e t e r or waywiser by C.W.DIXEY 3 New Bond St. London (w 1838-62) an instrument for registering revolutions of a carriage wheel and thereby determining the distance travelled, with full brass cover in orig leather case F £250‑500

411 A very fine quality 5 1/2" pair of brass cased dividers with decorated legs and with the letter "D" attractively engraved on the brass F £70‑100, LOT : 412 A fine 8" pair of gunmetal wing compasses with steel points dated A.T.A. 5-6-1902 G+ £50‑80611 LE FORGERON. A very fine and large 19c French bronze by E. ROMBAUX of an apron clad blacksmith with weighty hammer standing beside his anvil, 20 1/2" incl. plinth G++ £400‑600530 A most unusual 19c French gunmakers brass clamp by HULOT a Paris with steel jaws, the 3" jaws rotate 360 degrees and swivels up and down, the screw thread is kept clean by two brass cased brushes attached to the jaws, superb quality G++ £1500‑2500

533 A French cartridge makers kit as illustrated G+ £40‑60506 An important 17 /18c German coopers four bar cage head iron brace with attractive decoration to the frame, orig shapely rams horn wing nut and orig fruitwood handle (for similar see DS Cat. No 45 Lot 1352) museum quality G £800‑1200563 A rare 18 /19c French headstock for a screw cutting lathe similar to the illustration in Diderot of 1709 with mahogany body and brass and steel fittings, a fine early piece G+ £500‑1000

671 A small 17 /18c French steel soled boxwood smoothing plane 3 1/2" x 1 1/2" with incuse mark to blade G £300‑500693 A 19c Austrian quarter round moulding plane nicely decorated on both sides and dated Harry Pryke 1810 G+ £60‑90748 A very rare MATHIESON No 12 handled bridle plough plane with ebony stems and skate front, this is the same as the No 11 except this model has angular brass stems supporting the ebony thereby strengthening the stems, also with brass slides to the fence and brass end stem wedges (illustrated Russell fig 608) G++ £800‑1200

757 A very rare 10" spirit level by MATHIESON with waisted brass body and rosewood infill, small crack at screw G £250‑400820 A rare 18c pelican tooth key G+ £200‑300 :  821 An unusually slender brass cased triple fleam stamped SANDERSON Dunce G+ £20‑30832 A rare 17c. 18" extending to 24" thick section two fold mast makers boxwood and brass rule with logarithmic hand stamped scales and "fleurs de lys" marks (see our Cat No 30 lot 314 for the only other similar rule we have offered for sale) G £800‑1200

905 A very rare and narrow steel soled brass bullnose plane by HOLTZAPFFEL & Co London 3" x 3/4" with ebony wedge and Preston iron G+ £500‑800 906 A very rare 1 1/2" brass chariot plane by HOLTZAPFFEL & Co London with rosewood wedge, needs a tidy up o/w G+ £250‑400797 A very rare and probably unique brass framed button pad brace by THOs PILKINGTON Sheffield, Warranted with Her Majesty's Royal Letters Patent and Coat of Arms, with beech infill to the frame and contrasting ebony handle, the ebony head unusually with brass ring instead of the usual ivory (illustrated Russell fig 1448) hair crack to head o/w superb condition G++ £1000‑2000 798 A rare brass framed lever pad ebony brace by DRABBLE & SANDERSON (Russell collection) hair crack to ebony head o/w G++ £150‑250929 A very rare, possibly unique, small d/t steel NORRIS No 11 mitre plane 8" x 2 3/8" with rosewood infill G++ £5000‑10000 930 A very rare d/t steel NORRIS No 11 improved pattern mitre plane 10 1/2" x 2 3/4" with rosewood infill and replacement snecked iron, the mouth has been widened slightly o/w G+ £2000‑3000

650 A handled 3 7/8" twin iron profiled moulding plane by STEWART G++ £50‑100750 A rare 2 3/4" triple iron profiled moulder by MATHIESON G+ £100‑150 751 A little used 1/2" dado plane by MATHIESON with orig internal boxwood depth stop G++ £15‑25660 The celebrated 20" French varlope or jointing plane beautifully carved as a reclining naked lady, the handle carved as the head of a demon and probably represents the nightmare the sleeping lady is suffering, this plane was undoubtedly a highlight of the Jean Claude Peretz collection (David Brookshaw produced a half scale copy of this plane in ebony for Ron Pearson, see Sandor Nagyszalanczy; The Art of Fine Tools p 227) and illustrated Codes ref. 1132 G+ £5000‑7000 : Lot 661 A fine and rare 31" dated Dutch reisschaaf with Goodman type D mouth carving and dated 1791 the handle, tote and wedge all original and intricately carved (illustrated Russell fig 320) a few old worm holes G+ £2000‑3000

931 A very rare steel soled gunmetal NORRIS A15 smoother with Patent Adjustable on lever and rosewood infill and handle 60% orig early 2 1/8" Norris iron remains (see Cat No 56 lot 1052, the only other one of this model we have offered, fetched £10,750) G++ £5000‑10000 932 A fine steel soled gunmetal NORRIS No 50G adjustable smoother with rosewood infill and handle 90% orig 2 1/4" early Norris iron remains F £500‑1000947 A very rare and little used large size, steel soled gunmetal NORRIS No A28 chariot plane 4" x 2" with ebony wedge and full orig 1 1/2" Norris iron (Geoff Entwistle collection) F £8000‑12000 948 A 1 1/8" NORRIS No 27 steel soled gunmetal bullnose plane with chipped rosewood wedge 20% snecked iron remains all parts stamped 7 G £100‑200951 A rare steel soled gunmetal NORRIS No 31 thumb plane with rosewood infill and orig Norris iron, all parts stamped 5. F £1800‑2400 952 A rare steel soled gunmetal NORRIS No 31 thumb plane 5" x 1 1/2" with

378 A comprehensive staking kit stamped DRGM with 112 accessories on mahogany stand with glass cover G+ £50‑100    176 A large silver plated presentation trowel with Presented to J.J.Banning Esq. on Laying one of the Memorial Stones of the New Church Duke Street, Southport Nov'r 21st 1874 with elaborately engraved surround and ivory handle (illustrated Codes ref. 1469) G++ £150‑250


                        183 A fine and rare 18c French gentleman's silver etui containing two fold rule, compasses, knife, fork and spoon, other screw on tools with handle all silver tested, ivory aide memoir etc with owners name nicely engraved on the base H. Chapman F £1200‑1800